Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Patriot Yelling: Arab, Muslims and Islam...concerning 9/11 and its effect upon our Government and American Society.

Patriot Yelling: Arab, Muslims and Islam...concerning 9/11 and its effect upon our Government and American Society.

Patriot Yelling: Why we let it happen?

Patriot Yelling: Why we let it happen?

Arab, Muslims and Islam...concerning 9/11 and its effect upon our Government and American Society.

The safe guards against discrimination already exist, we must maintain those safe guards which were in place prior to 9/11. Those are: The first 10 Amendments of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The other thing needed is the education among our citizens, where, they need to teach tolerance and understanding of; not all Arabs nor Muslims, believe in the perverted teachings of the Koran (Qu'ran).
The fact is, there are close to a billion if not more Muslims, where the large majority believe it is wrong to take innocent lives for political reasons/religious. The problem is with the number of Muslims whom believe in radical Islam. They do not have to be a high percentage for them to be a significant number. 1% of 1 Billion would be 10,000,000. Knowing this number makes it hard to defend one’s Nation without giving up some freedoms or infringing upon ethnic groups who practice Islam. What I think needs to be done is to help foreigners and US Citizens understand , in order to protect all involved, we must give a little to ensure over all safety. This can be done by offering a way for abuses to be adjudicated if one is wrongfully accused. This is not an easy task. How do you protect the masses without trampling on individual rights, simply put, you do not, all you can do is give the individual a way to prove their innocence.

As I was writing my response, I started to think about how difficult a task this must be. My statement of giving an individual the opportunity to prove their innocence, flies in the face of our Constitution ( innocent until proven guilty). This to me is the ultimate paradox , in order to protect a nation, one must do exactly the opposite of what they are trying to protect (FREEDOM). The ethnicity and race issue is what America has been trying to get past , where your Character is what is measured not what you look like or where you are from. The fact we are fighting an enemy who has no borders seems to make this even more complicated than an enemy who does. This to me causes us (Americans) to look bigoted and intolerant to other Nations. Granted , most of these Nations will use this to their advantage by turning the moral issue against America and try to limit her influence of freedom in the world.

The world is complicated and simplicity is not a relitive term when you are faced with a culture (Radical Islam) who is hell bent on bringing the return of the 12th Iman (Mahdi). These are Muslims who think in order to hasten his return must bring about a caliphate (Shi'a Islamic state) Shari'a Law.

How do you defend against a religious sect who has no sanctity for life not even their own?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Argument Against Open Borders

I view this from an American and Immigrant point of view, meaning there are always two sides of an argument. I believe the problem stems from no one wanting to do the work needed to provide the U.S. with a reasonable solution. One side thinks the U.S. borders should be left open for foreigners to come and go as they please. The other side thinks we should enforce our laws which limits who can come into the U.S..

Simply put: They are not interested in right or wrong but instead push a point of view based upon what fits their own needs and wants, political/financial, not what is best for our Nation as a whole. I say this because the answer is simple as far as what needs to be done, but the implementation is where it gets to be complex.

I believe a Nation who does not respect and enforce those laws is doomed to fail. Meaning: If you take the general definition of society: a system of human organizations generating distinctive cultural patterns and institutions and usually providing protection, security, continuity, and a national identity for its members. Then one cannot agree, anyone and everyone should be allowed to enter the U. S., otherwise you not only risk failure to that Nation and it’s Citizens but also risk failing the immigrants who come to that Nation seeking freedom to pursue their goals as long as those goals do not do harm to others. The structure set by our government is there to help make sure immigrants come with all the needed tools for a seamless assimilation where they have a better understanding of how our society works. Without those rules we would quickly have a breakdown in society where civil unrest could ensue.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why are we spending like we have nothing to fear?

Come on people; you cannot think anything good can come from running the debt up as we have over the last nine years. I do not care if you are a democrat or republican, you still need to understand with spending like there is no tomorrow will only lead to less for you, your children and grand children for the future.

What good are all the social programs if it eventually leaves us with a nation which will inevitably be unable to pay for them?

Do you think we can keep spending like we are and other countries will look upon us with a forgiving attitude...if you do; you are living in a fantasy.
I wish all could be covered with health insurance but eventually if we continue like we are, no one will have any recourse and fewer will be covered than there are now.

For those of you who agree with raising taxes and think it is going to increase the overall federal income taxes collected, are wrong. Like so many have said, "read your history"

Note: Read books by economists and historians and you will see what happens to countries that spend more than they take in over an extended period of time...have you heard of a banana republic? [Actually take a look at California's troubles and tell me if that is the road we want to go down...Hummm...I think not...!]

For those of you who watch MSNBC or refuse to watch anything other than MSNBC; You are the ones with your heads in the sand. I do not exclude any news agency from my list of what to watch ...I watch them all and can determine which one is feeding me a line of bull...by researching and verifying what they say. Watching all news programs and listening with an open mind allows me to make a well rounded point of view and decisions in-order to not cast aspersions upon others.

If you want to know who is right and who is wrong then apply those same principals of money by both parties to your own budget and see which one will lead you to prosperity and which one will leave you either in jail for fraud and broke or with money to support your family ...Hmm just food for thought....“WE THE PEOPLE” who vote are not too stupid to understand. It is those of you who use this excuse (stupidity, and ignorance) for why “WE THE PEOPLE” are incapable of comprehending such complex issues ( voting against the current administration’s policies) are committing the ignorance and false aspersions upon “WE THE PEOPLE.”

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Are We Thinkig

When was the last time anyone can recall a political party or even a political representative of a party attacking the American people with such contempt? Are they that clueless to what they are setting themselves up for? These are the questions that have been running through my head as I listen to Arlen Specter 's comments on his town hall meetings, "These are not representative of the majority of American people." Then you combine the comments of the President , "[...] shut up and get out of our way so we can clean the mess up." Need I mention Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer; I think they are all well known comments by now, and I will leave it at that.
They are making the mistake of assuming these Americans are part of the GOP efforts to stymie the debate. They(Dems) are having a hard time coming to the conclusion that these Americans are not concerned with political parties and could care less whether or not the individual standing next to them are democrat, republican, or independent. Those Americans who are voicing their opinions in these town hall meetings are only concerned with specific things and that is, stop the spending, stop the growth of government, and start to deal with the problems in specific terms not with broad sweeping policies and above all else "RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES".
Now, before you start to react to what I have stated in the previous paragraphs, please, ask yourself these questions:
Do you honestly think it is wise to rush legislation through without reading it?

Is it wise to allow a government to carelessly spend trillions of dollars and never to explain the specifics?

Do we as a nation still value our independence and what it is, that, distinguishes us from the rest of the world?

Are we ashamed of what our great Nation has brought to the world, and,how we conduct ourselves globally?

Have we made mistakes as a society/Nation?

Do those mistakes erase everything else, that is good about our nation and if yes ask yourself why?

The most important question I think is:

What would the world look like today if the United States of America never existed?

I am not writing this to try and persuade you, or to bring you to one party or the other. I am writing this to try and give some perspective to how silly our political tone has become and to maybe open some eyes/minds up to realize who we are as a nation good/bad is not based on political affiliations but as Individual Americans.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I do not know how many understand what this amount of spending will do to the value of the dollar. I will try to explain so there is no doubt when this comes to fruition, at least you, who, read this will have a reference to why inflation will kill our economy.
This is money that we do not have and will have to borrow in-order to implement and as every one knows, when you borrow you are charged a percentage rate of interest. This means that 800 billion is just what we borrow with out interest (w/1.4[+]T) and yes this may buy some time but, will cause repercussion for the long run. The money shot into the economy will bring our dollar down and in-return cause things like oil, gas, imports (and all that it entails) to go up because our dollar will become weak. This means our money we as citizens are struggling to get by with at this point will not go as far (hard to imagine even less). Now keep in mind this amount of money being injected into the economy has never been done before; all other stimulus is dwarfed by this amount. We will not feel the effects of this for about 1 to 3 years (closer to 2yrs.) and this is why most economists have some doubts for it doing anything but prolonging the recession if it does not put us into a depression.

This was done in Japan in the 90’s and it was a total failure as stated by Arning, Holger, (10/05/98), “In the last few years there have been at least four runs on Japanese banks that were short of cash. In each case, the Bank of Japan stepped in and loaned them literally truckloads of cash to tide them over, at annual interest rates less than I percent. The loans stopped the rims on the banks but put more cash into circulation, contributing to inflation, one reason the yen has fallen in terms of dollars. Three years ago, a dollar would buy 80 yen; now it buys 130 to 140. […] If the government continues to print money and make the value of the yen shrink, uncontrolled inflation will result, which will sink millions of Japanese into poverty. No political party or politician will want to be associated with that.” (Vol. 37, Issue 40) This is why Japan’s economy took so long to recover in the 90’s.

This is why I say , what is in this bill should not be in it until we get our economy back on track. Knowing there are “special projects” and “government spending” for “government workers pay raises” makes it very hard to justify. What we spend now will affect us later in ways which could cause us to falter and falter we will. We need to get what is not considered immediate economic stimulus out of this bill.

Arning, Holger, 10/05/98, JAPAN'S CRISIS CASTS A SHADOW OVER U.S., Fairfield County Business Journal, Vol. 37, Issue 40