Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What Are We Thinkig

When was the last time anyone can recall a political party or even a political representative of a party attacking the American people with such contempt? Are they that clueless to what they are setting themselves up for? These are the questions that have been running through my head as I listen to Arlen Specter 's comments on his town hall meetings, "These are not representative of the majority of American people." Then you combine the comments of the President , "[...] shut up and get out of our way so we can clean the mess up." Need I mention Pelosi, Reid, Hoyer; I think they are all well known comments by now, and I will leave it at that.
They are making the mistake of assuming these Americans are part of the GOP efforts to stymie the debate. They(Dems) are having a hard time coming to the conclusion that these Americans are not concerned with political parties and could care less whether or not the individual standing next to them are democrat, republican, or independent. Those Americans who are voicing their opinions in these town hall meetings are only concerned with specific things and that is, stop the spending, stop the growth of government, and start to deal with the problems in specific terms not with broad sweeping policies and above all else "RESPECT THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES".
Now, before you start to react to what I have stated in the previous paragraphs, please, ask yourself these questions:
Do you honestly think it is wise to rush legislation through without reading it?

Is it wise to allow a government to carelessly spend trillions of dollars and never to explain the specifics?

Do we as a nation still value our independence and what it is, that, distinguishes us from the rest of the world?

Are we ashamed of what our great Nation has brought to the world, and,how we conduct ourselves globally?

Have we made mistakes as a society/Nation?

Do those mistakes erase everything else, that is good about our nation and if yes ask yourself why?

The most important question I think is:

What would the world look like today if the United States of America never existed?

I am not writing this to try and persuade you, or to bring you to one party or the other. I am writing this to try and give some perspective to how silly our political tone has become and to maybe open some eyes/minds up to realize who we are as a nation good/bad is not based on political affiliations but as Individual Americans.

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