Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Why are we spending like we have nothing to fear?

Come on people; you cannot think anything good can come from running the debt up as we have over the last nine years. I do not care if you are a democrat or republican, you still need to understand with spending like there is no tomorrow will only lead to less for you, your children and grand children for the future.

What good are all the social programs if it eventually leaves us with a nation which will inevitably be unable to pay for them?

Do you think we can keep spending like we are and other countries will look upon us with a forgiving attitude...if you do; you are living in a fantasy.
I wish all could be covered with health insurance but eventually if we continue like we are, no one will have any recourse and fewer will be covered than there are now.

For those of you who agree with raising taxes and think it is going to increase the overall federal income taxes collected, are wrong. Like so many have said, "read your history"

Note: Read books by economists and historians and you will see what happens to countries that spend more than they take in over an extended period of time...have you heard of a banana republic? [Actually take a look at California's troubles and tell me if that is the road we want to go down...Hummm...I think not...!]

For those of you who watch MSNBC or refuse to watch anything other than MSNBC; You are the ones with your heads in the sand. I do not exclude any news agency from my list of what to watch ...I watch them all and can determine which one is feeding me a line of researching and verifying what they say. Watching all news programs and listening with an open mind allows me to make a well rounded point of view and decisions in-order to not cast aspersions upon others.

If you want to know who is right and who is wrong then apply those same principals of money by both parties to your own budget and see which one will lead you to prosperity and which one will leave you either in jail for fraud and broke or with money to support your family ...Hmm just food for thought....“WE THE PEOPLE” who vote are not too stupid to understand. It is those of you who use this excuse (stupidity, and ignorance) for why “WE THE PEOPLE” are incapable of comprehending such complex issues ( voting against the current administration’s policies) are committing the ignorance and false aspersions upon “WE THE PEOPLE.”

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