Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Arab, Muslims and Islam...concerning 9/11 and its effect upon our Government and American Society.

The safe guards against discrimination already exist, we must maintain those safe guards which were in place prior to 9/11. Those are: The first 10 Amendments of the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The other thing needed is the education among our citizens, where, they need to teach tolerance and understanding of; not all Arabs nor Muslims, believe in the perverted teachings of the Koran (Qu'ran).
The fact is, there are close to a billion if not more Muslims, where the large majority believe it is wrong to take innocent lives for political reasons/religious. The problem is with the number of Muslims whom believe in radical Islam. They do not have to be a high percentage for them to be a significant number. 1% of 1 Billion would be 10,000,000. Knowing this number makes it hard to defend one’s Nation without giving up some freedoms or infringing upon ethnic groups who practice Islam. What I think needs to be done is to help foreigners and US Citizens understand , in order to protect all involved, we must give a little to ensure over all safety. This can be done by offering a way for abuses to be adjudicated if one is wrongfully accused. This is not an easy task. How do you protect the masses without trampling on individual rights, simply put, you do not, all you can do is give the individual a way to prove their innocence.

As I was writing my response, I started to think about how difficult a task this must be. My statement of giving an individual the opportunity to prove their innocence, flies in the face of our Constitution ( innocent until proven guilty). This to me is the ultimate paradox , in order to protect a nation, one must do exactly the opposite of what they are trying to protect (FREEDOM). The ethnicity and race issue is what America has been trying to get past , where your Character is what is measured not what you look like or where you are from. The fact we are fighting an enemy who has no borders seems to make this even more complicated than an enemy who does. This to me causes us (Americans) to look bigoted and intolerant to other Nations. Granted , most of these Nations will use this to their advantage by turning the moral issue against America and try to limit her influence of freedom in the world.

The world is complicated and simplicity is not a relitive term when you are faced with a culture (Radical Islam) who is hell bent on bringing the return of the 12th Iman (Mahdi). These are Muslims who think in order to hasten his return must bring about a caliphate (Shi'a Islamic state) Shari'a Law.

How do you defend against a religious sect who has no sanctity for life not even their own?

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